Privacy Statement for Web Site

Web site

There are no forms on the web site (yet). So we don't explicitly collect information from you and we don't have to store it. If we start to collect information, we will update this part.

We put the web site under HTTPS, so the requests and responses are encrypted (private).

We don't use any third-party suppliers for the web site - no third-party analytics, no third-party graphics, no third-party js or other supporting files. Whatever supporting files we use (js, css) we host ourselves. So far, there is no javascript and no plan to put any in. We lack the time to implement a fancy user experience - if someone wants to volunteer we won't necessarily refuse but we also don't want to compromise privacy/security either. So there won't be any third-party-hosting of our web assets, but we might start to use javascript libraries. However our site will be usable without javascript, if you turn it off at your end.

Most websites gather statistics regarding the number of times a page was accessed. We do this. This means your IP address, or the IP address of your proxy will be recorded in our access logs. Maybe we'll get around to looking at it. We will not be showing it to anyone else unless compelled to by law. Our hosting service is - they won't be giving our information to anyone else either.

Mailing lists

We have two types of mailing lists. One list is at (thanks Pablo). The others are hosted by us.

When you subscribe to any of our mailing lists, we keep that to ourselves and nobody else will know. We don't sell our mailing lists. Or any other private information for that matter.


We'll be keeping the registration information in our databases, no third parties will have access to that information

If this is not acceptable to you, you can make special arrangements by emailing Within our time constraints, we will try to accomodate your request.


This is version 1.1 of the privacy policy.