Netdev 0.1 News 2015-03-30T10:55:00Z Werkzeug Links to papers, presentations and videos available 75 2015-03-30T10:55:00Z 2015-03-30T10:55:00Z netdev01 <p> The <a href="">sessions</a> page has been updated with links to the papers, presentations and videos. </p> Please submit presentation slides in PDF format 74 2015-02-21T20:50:00Z 2015-02-21T20:50:00Z netdev01 <p> Please submit your slides in PDF format, as that is viewable on most platforms (unlike .odt, .pptx, etc). Think tablets and phones. It sure is handy to be able to read a slide deck on a phone while waiting for a bus, or whatever. Thanks! </p> Presentation slides available 73 2015-02-20T12:15:00Z 2015-02-20T12:15:00Z netdev01 <p> Presentation slides are available on the netdev01 site at <a href=""></a> (or see the link in the left sidebar). If you haven't submitted your slides yet, please send them to and they will find their way up to the site in a day or two. </p> Pictures from Tuesday 72 2015-02-18T09:35:00Z 2015-02-18T09:35:00Z netdev01 <p> RGB's photos from #NetDev day 4 are up at: <a href=""></a>. Also, he made an event page with all the photos: <a href=""></a>. </p> Pictures from Monday 71 2015-02-17T11:30:00Z 2015-02-17T11:30:00Z netdev01 <p> RGB's photos from #NetDev day 3 are up at: <a href=""></a> </p> More schedule changes: new BoF, closing earlier 70 2015-02-17T10:50:00Z 2015-02-17T10:50:00Z netdev01 <p> The closing ceremony will be at 14:35 rather than 16:00. The IPsec BoF and the new BoF for HW netlink async will be after the closing. </p> Schedule changes 69 2015-02-17T08:30:00Z 2015-02-17T08:30:00Z netdev01 <p> The DPDK talk will be in Quebec. </p> Pictures from Sunday 68 2015-02-17T00:30:00Z 2015-02-17T00:30:00Z netdev01 <p> RGB's photos from #NetDev day 2 are up at: <a href=""></a> </p> Most Tuesday talks moved to Confederation II 67 2015-02-17T00:25:00Z 2015-02-17T00:25:00Z netdev01 <p> Most sessions on Tuesday have been moved to Confederation II (all except the IPsec BoF and the BIRD talk). </p> IPsec BoF 66 2015-02-16T11:10:00Z 2015-02-16T11:10:00Z netdev01 <p> There will be an IPsec BoF on Tuesday at 15:35 in the Quebec room, chaired by Steffen Klassert. </p> Talk locations moved to Confederation II 65 2015-02-16T10:10:00Z 2015-02-16T10:10:00Z netdev01 <p> The following two talks have been moved to Confederation II: </p> <ul> <li>MPTCP Upstreaming; Octavian Purdila</li> <li>Flow API; John Fastabend</li> </ul> <p></p> GPG keysigning: the green dot 64 2015-02-16T09:20:00Z 2015-02-16T09:15:00Z netdev01 <p> People that have green dots on their badge are prepared to do doing a keysigning. All these people are here from scattered locations around the globe - now's your chance to do some key exchanges with them. Take advantage of it! It's also a great excuse to break the ice with strangers. </p> <p> If you want a green dot, ask for one at the registration desk. </p> Schedule change: Monday talks swapped 63 2015-02-16T09:10:00Z 2015-02-16T08:45:00Z netdev01 <p> Networking in Containers and Container Clusters has been moved from 13:00 to 15:30. The talk that had been at 15:30 (Flow API: An abstraction for hardware flow tables) has been moved to 13:00. (The talks have been swapped.) </p> Pictures from Saturday 62 2015-02-15T13:45:00Z 2015-02-15T13:45:00Z netdev01 <p> RGB's photos from #NetDev day 1 are up at: <a href=""></a> </p> Whiskey-tasting BoF tonight 61 2015-02-15T13:40:00Z 2015-02-15T13:40:00Z netdev01 <p> There will be a visit to the Highlander pub in the Market this evening. It is on this side of the Market, for those wondering just how far they have to go in the cold. </p> <p> We are expected at 20:30 at the Highlander (NW corner Rideau/William). A group will meet in the Hotel Lobby at 20:15 to head over. </p>