IETF related talks at Netdev 0x13

Netdev 0x13 Keynote by Alissa Cooper (IETF Chair)

Open Source, the IETF, and You

Transport, Routing, Addressing, Telemetry

Is Reimplementation of network stack a good idea or not?

Potential IPv4 Unicast Expansions

Implementing the Next Generation of Network Telemetry Technologies

Low Latency, Low Loss and Scalable traffic (L4S)

DUALPI2 - Low Latency, Low Loss and Scalable (L4S) AQM

Implementing the 'TCP Prague' Requirements for L4S


TCP SO_TIMESTAMPING with OPT_STATS for performance analytics

Paced Chirping - Rethinking TCP start-up

QUIC tutorial

QuiC Hardware offload

TCP Analytics Workshop

Making the Linux TCP stack more extensible with eBPF


An Asynchronous Dataplane for FRR

FRRouting Workshop


IPsec encapsulation over TCP


End-to-end networking with ILNP in Linux