Dynamic Interface Power Management (PowerMAN)


Jesse Brandeburg
Brett Creeley



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Problem Statement:
As network speeds increase, total packet buffering time is decreasing, but buffering space in hardware is not increasing at the same rate. As a result, manual system configuration and tuning has to be applied to maximize performance of network interface cards, which typically comes at the cost of power consumption. 

Proposal Summary:
The goal of PowerMAN is to be a proof of concept to demonstrate the usefulness with an initial implementation in user space. This tool dynamically manages a network interface via existing APIs to minimize system power consumption while preventing packet drops, minimizing latency and maintaining high throughput.

This presentation will show the results of our initial work in this space, including a demo recording and the analysis of power savings and other gains in resource utilization and savings.

We hope to gain input on the feasibility of managing this in-kernel or whether it should stay in user-space, as much of the work may be more appropriate for the kernel scheduler to be involved.