Industry Perspectives Panel: Smart NICs


Simon Horman (Corigine)
Anjali Singhai Jain (Intel)
Rony Efraim (Nvidia)
Shannon Nelson and Vipin Jain (Pensando)
Kieran Mansley (Xilinx)

Panel Chair

Nabil Bitar (Bloomberg)

Session Type




Smart NICs are a new, emerging type of NICs which provide rich offload packet processing pipelines.
In this panel, moderated by Nabil Bitar (CTO of Networking at Bloomberg), the merit of smart NICs and relation to the Linux Networking stack will be discussed.

The panel format is in 3 phases:

Phase1: A short technical presentation from each vendor - not to exceed 15 minutes each.

Phase 2:  Moderator poses question to Panelists, who then answer. Discussion may ensue from the question.

Phase 3: Moderator opens the opportunity for the audience to ask questions