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Netdev 0.1

Call for Proposals - 2014-12-02

Please forward to all places you think are relevant.

Netdev 0.1 Call for Proposals

Netdev 0.1 (year 0, conference 1) is a community-driven conference
geared towards Linux netheads. Linux kernel networking and user
space utilization of the interfaces to the Linux kernel networking
subsystem are the focus.

There are 4 phases/formats to Netdev 0.1

1) Workshops (day 1)

The workshop format is inspired by Netconf and the wireless
mini-summits, with workshops being centered around existing
networking subsystems. workshops are intended to be an extension of
the mailing list in the sense that many times previous
discussions from the mailing list (or that could otherwise have
happened there) are taken to the round-table to simplify the
decision-making process.

The networking subsystem maintainer(s) should at least prepare a
list of agenda items well before the workshop takes place to allow
participants to come prepared; this makes the discussions most productive.
Sometimes brain-storming sessions will also be appropriate where
being prepared is less important, for example for discussions
around new user requirements this can be very valuable.

At the workshop meeting itself discussions prevail and notes are
later sent back to the mailing list; presentations are typically
- at the discretion of the chairs - only used where needed to
clarify a problem statement for discussion.

The sitting format is round-table.

2) BOFs (day 1)

BOFs are sessions with a potential to become a workshop in a future
Netdev conference. The lifetime of a BOF may be only one or two
Netdev conference gatherings. We discourage perpetual BOFs.
BoFs don't need to have an existing networking subsystem or mailing list.
BOFs also don't need to strive to be upgraded to be a Workshop
in the future. Their longevity could only be one conference.
The sitting format could vary and be either lecture or round table format
depending on the proposal.

3) Tutorials (day 2)

Tutorials are generally about 2 hours long (or more at the discretion
of the proposal).
Tutorials are educational in nature and are presented in a classroom
format with a specific educational outcome for the attendees.

4) Paper proposals (days 3 and 4)

These are classical conference paper + presentations.
Presentations are 30 minutes long with an additional 15 minutes for Q&A
presented in a lecture format.
We will require paper submissions for these sessions. The committee
believes that a paper submission raises the quality of the presentations
and makes it easier to build on presented ideas in the future.

The Netdev conference this year is structured to be 50% by-invitation
and 50% submission. We are making sure that we reach out to speakers
who have interesting relevant topics because we recognize most of
these folks would typically not be submitting papers to a conference.
The invitation will be made by the technical committee to the individual
speakers for workshop, paper and tutorial sessions.

This call for papers is for the 50% submission portion of the
conference for paper submissions, tutorials and workshops.
We *highly discourage* submission of recycled talks.

Current technical focus topics include:
- wireless
- performance analysis, debugging and improvement
- networking hardware and offload
- netfilter
- traffic control
- different networking layers (L2/3, etc)
- Internet of things
- security
- additional topics can be suggested

Unlike other conferences, we are going to try and accommodate as many
submissions as possible - but please stay within the relevant topic focus
and tie to Linux networking to make it easier for the technical committee
to provide quick feedback. In order to give a talk you must be
registered. If your proposal is accepted you will not be charged
a conference fee or your conference fee will be refunded to you
when your talk gets accepted.

We expect minimum of 2 parallel tracks but likely more depending on the
(quantity of submissions) in all phases i.e during tutorials,
workshops and main talks.

Why you should submit a proposal
If you yearn for the old community tech driven conferences where
you mingle with fellow geeks (only these would be Linux networking
geeks) then this would be it. There will be no marketing flashy
openings. There will just be a pure feed of Linux networking.
Netdev 0.1 will be held back to back with Netconf 2015, the
by-invite Linux kernel networking workshop
So gurus of all sorts will be there mingling and giving talks.
While there will be heavy Linux kernel influence we expect a lot
of user space presence as well.

How to submit a proposal
Send email to with a paragraph or
two of your proposal.
For paper proposals, if your submission is accepted we will provide
you a template to use.
A minimum of two pages is needed so as to to allow people to skip the
burden of writing a large paper. The maximum page limit is 10 pages.

Downtown Ottawa, Canada

Important Dates:
December 02, 2014               Call for Papers opens
December 10, 2014               Registration opens
January 24, 2015 *UPDATED*      Call for sessions deadline
January 29, 2015 *UPDATED*      Conference schedule announced
February 14-17, 2015            Conference days

Please register as soon as registration opens up on December 10.
Registering helps us plan properly for numbers of attendees,
ensuring venue sizes and supplies are appropriate without
wasting resources.

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