Improving multi-phy and multi-port interfaces

Speaker: Maxime Chevallier

NIC offloads at Hyperscale: experience, new offloads and validation

Speaker: Willem de Bruijn

Congestion control architecture for host congestion

Speakers: Saksham Agarwal and Arvind Krishnamurthy and Rachit Agarwal

Firewall and Service Tickets (FAST)

Speaker: Tom

Integrating eBPF Into The P4TC Datapath

Speakers: J Hadi Salim and Deb Chatterjee and Victor Nogueira and Pedro Tammela and Tomasz Osinski and Sosutha Sethuramapandian and Balachandher Sambasivam and Evangelos Haleplidis

Is scaling eBPF easy yet? A small step to one server, but giant leap to distributed network.

Speaker: Ivan Koveshnikov


Introduction to time synchronization pt. 3

Instructor: Maciek Machnikowski

Lightweight Approach to Kickstart Development of a NIC Driver

Instructor: David Ahern

Rust for Linux Networking Tutorial

Instructors: Wedson Almeida Filho and Miguel Ojeda


XDP Workshop

Chairs: Aleksander Łobakin and Maciej Fijałkowski and Larysa Zaremba and Marta Plantykow

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Networking

Chairs: Roopa Prabhu and Marta Plantykow

TC Workshop

Chair: J Hadi Salim

Compiler-networking workshop

Chairs: Felipe Alemeida and Tom Herbert and Balachandher Sambasivam and Neil Turton

Netfilter Mini Workshop

Chair: Pablo Neira Ayuso

FRR Workshop

Chair: Donald Sharp


Power-Aware Network Performance BoF

Organizers: Nabil Bitar and Jamal Hadi Salim and Pedro Tammela

TLS handshake for in-kernel consumers

Organizer: Chuck Lever

My foo is just way better!

Organizer: PJ Waskiewicz

Music BoF

Organizer: Dave Taht

BOF :: CXL : An overview and applicability to high performance networking

Organizer: Shrijeet Mukherjee