A Linux Implementation of SEARCH -- a New TCP Slow Start Algorithm

Speakers: Maryam Ataei Kachooei and Joshua Chung and Amber Cronin and Benjamin Peters and Feng Li and Jae Won Chung and Mark Claypool

Drinking From The Host Packet Fire Hose

Speakers: Nabil Bitar and Jamal Hadi Salim and Pedro Tammela

Characterizing IOTLB Wall for Multi-100-Gbps Linux-based Networking

Speakers: Alireza Farshin and Luigi Rizzo

Tailoring eBPF maps for DDoS Protection

Speaker: Ivan Koveshnikov

benefits and drawbacks of syscall hooks

Speakers: Hajime Tazaki and Kenichi Yasukata

vDPA Live Migration Downtime improvements for net devices

Speakers: Eugenio Perez Martin and Dragos Tatulea and Si-Wei Liu

Scheduling HTTP streams

Speakers: Evgeny Mekhanik and Konstantin Tatar and Alexander Krizhanovsky

A new lightweight Zero-Copy Notification Mechanism in Linux

Speakers: Zijian Zhang and Xiaochun Lu

Transparent Shared Memory Communications with eBPF

Speakers: Cong Wang and A K M Fazla Mehrab

AMP To Reduce Network Jitter

Speakers: Satish Kumar and Fam Zheng

Is it OK to Hijack TCP?

Speaker: John Ousterhout

Journey of advancing device migration for virtio PCI hardware devices

Speakers: Parav Pandit and Yishai Hadas and Avihai Horon and Feng Liu and Satananda Burla

Multi-PF single netdev

Speaker: Tariq Toukan

Achieving linear CPU scaling in WireGuard with an efficient multi-tunnel architecture

Speakers: Mirco Barone and Federico Parola and Fulvio Risso and Davide Miola

Fine-grained TCP Tuning

Speakers: Amery Hung and Xiaochun Lu

Exploration of Machine Learning Optimization Algorithms in HTTP Latency Tuning on Nginx

Speakers: Jasmine Mou and Krz Sywula

Innovation from Within: The Story of Meta's Host Network Interface and fbnic Driver

Speaker: Alexander Duyck

Linux networking on s390 architecture - Is it very different?

Speakers: Alexandra Winter and Niklas Schnelle

how Linux tracing can use the net/ subsystem

Speaker: Alexander Aring

The Future of AI Networks: Advancing TCP with Device Memory and Collective Communication

Speakers: Anjali Singhai and Shaopeng He and Sridhar Samudrala

PSP Crypto Protocol and HW Offload

Speakers: Anjali Singhai Jain and Arun Acharya and Willem de Bruijn and Phani R Burra and Deb Chatterjee

AI-Enhanced Reviews for Linux Networking

Speakers: Jesse Brandeburg and Kamel Ayari

Interrupt moderation approaches for virtio device

Speakers: Parav Pandit and Dragos Tatulea and Lijun Yu and Jun Deng and Kailiang Zhou

Architectural considerations for Interplanetary Space Networking

Speakers: Tom Herbert and Fred Templin and Rachel Dudukovich

Introduction to Falcon Reliable Transport

Speakers: Yadong Li and Jay Bhat and Nandita Dukkipati and Chen Zhao and Neelesh Bansod and Shiraz Saleem and Anjali Singhai Jain

Shared Memory Pool for Representors

Speakers: William Tu and Michal Swiatkowski and Yossi Kuperman

State of the union in TCP land

Speakers: Eric Dumazet and

Compilers and Linkers for network optimization

Speakers: Felipe Magno de Almeida and Tom Herbert

Domain Specific Acclerators for Networking

Speakers: Tom Herbert and Felipe Almeida

Linux Network Device Testing - An easy to use driver and firmware testing framework

Speaker: Lee Trager

Machine Learning Practices in Network Traffic across Data Centers

Speaker: Jasmine Mou


Real world tips, tricks, and notes of using epoll-based busy polling to reduce latency

Instructor: Joe Damato

Introduction to PTP on Linux - APIs

Instructor: Maciek Machnikowski

Tutorial: PTP from scratch

Instructors: Milena Olech and Maciek Machnikowski


Workshop on Extension Headers

Chair: Tom Herbert

TC Workshop

Chair: J Hadi Salim

FRRouting workshop

Chairs: David Lamparter and Chris Hopps

IPsec Workshop

Chair: Steffen Klassert

Driver and H/W APIs Workshop

Chairs: David Ahern and Alexander Duyck

Netfilter Mini workshop

Chairs: Pablo Neira and Core Team


My Fu is Better Than Yours!

Organizer: PJ Waskiewicz

Netdev Testing & Automation

Organizer: Jakub Kicinski

Devmem TCP & io uring zero copy

Organizers: Willem de Bruijn and Jakub Kicinski and Mina Almasry and Shailend Chand and David Wei and Pavel Begunkov

Netdev Processes, Community, and Respect/Reputation

Organizer: Andrew Lunn

Introduction to Ultra Ethernet Consortium 1.0

Organizers: Uri Elzur and Shrijeet Mukherjee


Fireside Chat with Martin Casado

Speaker: Martin Casado